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AER Redundancy

AER is an acronym for Acronym Expansion Redundancy. AER redundancy occurs when an acronym is used with part of its own expansion. Some examples from real life are listed below.

AC (DC) current
Alternating (Direct) Current current

ATM machine
Automated Teller Machine machine

COFF format
Common Object File Format format

DAT tape
Digital Audio Tape tape

DLTtape (a trademark of Quantum Corporation)
Digital Linear Tape tape

DSL line
Digital Subscriber Line line

ELF format
Executable and Linking Format format

HIV virus
Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus

HPV virus
Human Papillomavirus virus

ICU unit
Intensive Care Unit unit

IP protocol
Internet Protocol protocol

IRA account
Independent Retirement Account account

LCD display
Liquid Crystal Display display

LED diode
Light-Emitting Diode diode

MRI imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging imaging

NIC card
Network Interface Card card

PIN number
Personal Identification Number number

PPP protocol
Point-To-Point Protocol protocol

RBL list
Real-time Black-hole List list

RAM memory
Random-Access Memory memory

SAT test
Perhaps of greater historical than current interest. Originally the Scholastic Aptitude Test test, then (because it did not actually measure aptitude) the Scholastic Assessment Test test, then the SAT Reasoning Test test, and now simply the SAT test. Irregardful, The College Board (the trademark owner) refers to the test as "The SAT", not "The SAT Test".

SPF factor
Sun Protection Factor factor

SLIP protocol
Serial Line Internet Protocol protocol

UPC code
Universal Product Code code

USB bus
Universal Serial Bus bus

VAT tax
Value-Added Tax tax

VIN number
Vehicle Identification Number number

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